Affiliate Marketing Malaysia

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a revenue sharing venture between a website owner (i.e. a blogger) and an online merchant like you. The website owner will place your advertisements on his websites to either help sell your products or to send potential customers to your website, all in exchange for a share of the profits (commission). By placing affiliate marketing advertising on websites all over the Internet you get free advertising, and you will get a lot more exposure and sales compared to promoting your products/services on your own. It is well worth the commission you pay the affiliate as he/she can reach an audience that you would otherwise not reach. It is like a global sales force, except that you only need to pay a commission when they actually produce a sale. The more websites you are affiliated with, the more exposure your products get.

Affiliate Marketing Malaysia
The Affiliate Marketing Services we offer is an area we are particularly good at, and we are proud of that. We have done Affiliate Marketing almost since the beginning of the Internet and have more experience in this than most of our global competitors.

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What will we do for your business?

The process starts with research into your market and company goals. Through this analysis, we will work with you to create a desired commission level that fits with your own sales metrics to create a profitable campaign. Once you are ready to start we will develop creative affiliate marketing materials like banners, widgets, text links, product data feeds and more to provide your affiliates with the tools they need to succeed. We will work closely with your company to develop exclusive affiliate marketing business promotions that will drive converting traffic to your site.

Over the years we have compiled a massive global database of potential affiliates, including so-called 'Super Affiliates' who are able to generate huge sales volumes, so the next step will be to promote your Affiliate Program to them. This is a tricky part, but having been in this business for so long we know what is important for this step to work.

Affiliate Quality Optimization

After the campaign starts, we work with your sales team to track the leads and sales to manage ROI on an ongoing basis. Through continual management of your Internet Marketing affiliate program, lead and sale quality is maximized while fraud, substandard leads, and in-process losses are minimized. We will identify the geographic regions, traffic sources and demographics that do not convert well and actively seek to minimize them, while pushing the traffic sources that do convert. Affiliates that perform well are rewarded, and we work closely with them so your campaign succeeds.

Brand Management

We will work closely with your company to ensure that affiliates comply with your corporate standards for brand image and message. In addition, affiliates will be managed by us to ensure that their marketing methods complement other marketing channels in your campaigns, online and offline. With the ever-growing scrutiny of companies represented on the Internet, FJP Marketing understands the importance of ensuring that your online marketing efforts have to 'gel' well with all your other marketing channels.

Why should you work with FJP Marketing ?

We actively seek to understand the big picture for your company, whether it is making the greatest back-end profit, increasing exposure and capturing customers or just driving leads. With quick program turnaround, performance incentives, broad reach into the market and a vested interest in maximizing your ROI, we work harder than any other agency to bring you the return you need at an attractive price.

The details of Affiliate Marketing are a bit complicated, so Contact us now to learn more about how Affiliate Marketing can help your business.