Environment Commitment at FJP Marketing Kuala Lumpur

Our Commitment to the Environment

At FJP Marketing Sdn. Bhd. we take our Commitment to the Environment seriously. We believe that we have our roll to play to avoid the environmental consequences of global climate change. We know that a commitment to going green means more than just talk, hence we have taken a number of initiatives that lower our environmental impact:

  • All our websites are hosted on servers that are powered ONLY by renewable wind energy. We are exclusively affiliated with Hostgator, they generate more wind power than they use (130%) and feed the balance back into the common power grid. Click Here for details.
  • We cut down on paper as much as we can, and all files (where possible) are stored in electronic format. We communicate with our clients through electronic means like email, and do generally not send paper mail. If we do need to print we use both sides of the paper, this cuts the little amount of paper we need in half.
  • Our office is fitted out with energy efficient lights and appliances (i.e. inverter air conditioners), and yes - we do switch off the lights and aircon when nobody is in the room.
  • We have an internal recycling program ranging from paper, bottles, cans to toner cartridges and more.
  • Some of us (including the boss) come to work by bicycle when possible.
  • ... and more ...

We do make an effort, and while it may not seem much we are proud to play our part in leaving our kids a sustainable place to live in.