Internet Marketing Development Malaysia

Our Research and Development Lab

At FJP Marketing we spend a considerable amout of time, money and manpower to develop new and innovative strategies to improve our already state-of-the-art Online Marketing methods. This is our way staying ahead of our competitors, and of offering our clients the best possible way to stay ahead of their competition as well.

We aim to be at the forefront of our industry by investing in Research and Development (R&D) rather than sitting back and follow established 'stale' ideas as most of our competitors do.

Online Marketing is a fast changing industry, and we believe that as a company with our own in-house R&D we are able to offer services with attributes different or better than those offered by our competitors, for example by integrating our own superior technology.

We achieve a competitive advantage by focussing on R&D to generate better products and services that benefit our clients. Our R&D lab works closely with our Marketing team to ensure that our new technologies focus on areas that are relevant to our overall vision: To offer the most valuable and profitable Online Marketing Strategies to help business owners reach their goals.

We see R&D as an important win-win, not simply as a cost center: if the client benefits from our new technology and is happy, we as a company will ultimately generate more revenue as well (be it through referrals from happy clients and/or from increased business from an existing client), which will make our shareholders happy as well.