Webometrics Ranking of World Universities

Webometrics Ranking of World Universities

The Webometrics Ranking of World Universities was launched in 2004 by Cybermetrics Lab, a public research group based in Spain. Cybermetrics Lab's aim is "to convince academic and political communities of the importance of the Web publication not only for dissemination of the academic knowledge but for measuring scientific activities, performance and impact."

In a nutshell the Webometrics Ranking of World Universities encourages the following:
  • For institutions and scholars to have greater Web presence.
  • For Researchers to publish more and better scientific content online.
  • To make knowledge more easily accessible to the public.

How University websites are evaluated and ranked:

  • Number of external links ("visibility"; 50 percent)
  • Number of pages available on search engines ("size"; 20 percent)
  • Volume of relevant academic and publication activities ("rich files"; 15 percent)
  • Number of papers and citations for each academic domain ("scholar"; 15 percent).

The top universities (MIT, Harvard University, Stanford University, Cornell University etc.) in the Webometrics Ranking are constantly publishing their research findings and other scholarly articles from all departments, research teams and scholars. This ensures that they are continuously at or very near the top of the list.

In contrast, as of January 2012, Malaysian Universities are not ranking well and are notably behind i.e. Singapore and Thai Universities. Only three local Universities are (only just) in the top 500: UPM (ranked 428), UTM (ranked 437), and USM (ranked 464).

The full list for South-East Asia is HERE

The complete ranking of Malaysian Universities and Colleges is HERE

How we can help your University

  • We will work independently on 'Visibility' using proven external link building strategies.
  • We will work with your Top Management (VC's Office, DVC (Research) or equivalent only!) on formulating University wide policies and procedures, including the setting-up of measures for compliance and 'buy-in' by academic and non-academic staff.

A word of caution: setting-up and implementing the systems for improving your ranking can be slow and at times frustrating, and results are not seen immediately. However, it is of great importance to get started NOW in order to get your Universities ranking improved rather than doing nothing and seeing your institution slipping down the ranks even further.

Simply Contact Us to take the first step towards improved ranking.